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JAN 23 2017
Jason Momoa at Long Beach Comic Expo!
Huge News!!! Jason Momoa will be joining us at Long Beach Comic Expo!

Advance purchase a professional photo opportunity through Epic Phots Ops with Jason. Autographed pictures are $60, and photo ops are $80, with up to 4 people per photo, and any children under 3 years of age.

Barbarian, Dothraki and soon to be Fish Whisperer in DC's JUSTICE LEAGUE movie and an AQUAMAN stand-alone spinoff, Jason Momoa is also headed to Netflix to star in the action/adventure series FRONTIER. Saturday only! SAVE THE DATE!

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DEC 28 2016
John Livesay Is Coming To Long Beach Comic Expo!
Comic book artist & inker since 1993. Working for such publishers as Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Valiant, & Top Cow.

Work highlights for 2016- DC Comics- Legends of Tomorrow #4,5,6 Death of Hawkman #1-6 Marvel Comics- Dr. Strange #4-16, Spider-Man/Deadpool #8 &10

John on Twitter:

DEC 27 2016
David Baron is joining us at LBCE 2017!
2016 Harvey Award Nominee and voted by fans as 's 2015 Best Colorist.

Creator and Writer of STAINED, a new 5-issue mini-series coming in March, 2017 from 451 Media Group.

Currently on exclusive contract with VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT, working on DIVINITY III, VALIANT HIGH and BLOODSHOT REBORN.

A 20+ year vet of comics, with first published work being done at the age of 15. David has been a top color artist for DC COMICS with highlights including MULTIVERSITY, 52, PLANETARY, THE AUTHORITY, JLA, DETECTIVE COMICS (THE BLACK MIRROR), BATMAN BEYOND and GREEN LANTERN.

More on David:
David on Twitter:
David on Instagram:
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DEC 23 2016
Jamisin Matthews Is Joining Us At LBCE!
Jamisin is Resident Evil's Leon Scott Kennedy face model in five films and video games. Having trained in martial arts at a young age with coaches photo scanned for the original Mortal Kombat, perhaps it was destiny that he be photo and face scanned for the equally iconic Resident Evil series. Jamisin is also the blood-splattered demolition groom in My Chemical Romance's popular Life On The Murder Scene storyline and stars as the quintessential noir detective, Jack Anvil, in Donald F. Glut's upcoming Tales of Frankenstein. The founder of Jacorva, Jamisin creates personalized martial arts systems for others.

More on Jamisin:
Jamisin on Facebook:
Jamisin on Instagram:
Jamisin on Twitter:
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DEC 19 2016
Mat Nastos is Coming To LBCE 2017
Mat Nastos: Former Disney Veteran (Emperor's New School, Phineas & Ferb, Liv & Maddie, Moana), TV/Animation artist (Anastasia, Titan AE, Highlander, Babylon 5, First Wave), Comic Pro (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Brigade, Elfquest, Star Wars, Walking Dead, Star Trek, Shogun Knight, and more), and Best selling science fiction author.

More on Mat:
Mat on Facebook:
Mat on Instagram:
Mat on Twitter:
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DEC 17 2016
Voice Actor Diane Pershing Is Coming to LBCE 2017
Since graduating UCLA with a BA in Theater Arts, Diane as been lucky enough to earn her living in many areas of the entertainments business, beginning with years on the road touring as a singer and theatre actress. But once she settled down in Los Angeles, she began doing voiceovers--cartoons, commercials, narrations, network promos, etc.--all of which she hopes to continue doing until she's carted off to the happy farm.

Overlapping her VO career, the years have also seen her finding success as a TV writer, romance novelist, film critic and radio disc jockey. Today, Diane counts herself extremely lucky to be someone who gets to work in an industry she loves; how many can say that?

Over the years, Diane has had lead cartoon characters in projects such as Flash Gordon, The Adventures of Mighty Mouse, She-Ra: Princess of Power, and Defenders of the Earth. However, she is most notable for her iconic portrayal as Poison Ivy in Batman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, Gotham Girls, and Justice League. Her representation, CelebWorx, and Mad Event Management present Diane Pershing for her first Southern California convention appearance.
DEC 16 2016
Registration For the LBCE Cosplay Contest Is Open!!
Bernie Bregman from Nerds Like Us will be hosting the LBCE 2017 Cosplay Contest.


The Cosplay Contest will be in the Thunderdome (Main Ballroom) from 7:00pm-8:30pm on Saturday February 18th at the Long Beach Comic Expo The space will be open for set up starting at 6:30pm.

Onsite Registration and Check In will be at the Nerds Like Us table in Cosplay Corner.

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Here is our Long Beach Comic Expo guest list! We'll be adding guests all the time so make sure you check back often and see if your favorite creator or media star will be coming to the Long Beach Comic Expo, February 18th & 19th, 2017.
Long Beach Comic Expo boasts a wide range of exhibitors which includes comic book publishers, small press publishers, video game companies, modern comic book retailers, gold & silver age retailers, toy retailers, manga & anime retailers and much more. We will be adding exhibitors often so be sure to check back.
  • 168 Dragon Trading - 1013
  • 3D Synergy Technologies Inc - 1100
  • 501st Legion - 221
  • A Fistful of Comics & Protection - 1019
  • Action Lab Entertainment - 800
  • Ageless Geeks - 301
  • AJ Buckley - CELEB 7
  • - 606
  • Angelo Esquivel/Michael Magtanong - 402
  • Angi Viper - COS17
  • Animator Made Int'l - 1115
  • Anime Books - 406
  • - 1021
  • Aspen Comics - 900
  • Austin Basis - CELEB 9
  • Big Pop Toys - 321
  • Big Red Comics - 512
  • Bobby's Comics - 1231
  • Brittany Ishibashi - CELEB 8
  • Brittnee Braun Designs - 312
  • C&B Entertainment2016 - 1224
  • Carlyfornia, From the Land Beyond - 1225
  • Cascade Games - 1142
  • CBC Apparel and Collectibles - 306
  • CBCS - 506
  • CGC, Comics Guaranty Company, LLC. - 912
  • Champion Comics - 612
  • Chubear Cosplay - COS11
  • Columbia Memorial Space Center - 1101
  • Comic Cellar - 614
  • Comic Madness - 812
  • Comic Wise - 814
  • Comics Toons N Toys - 308
  • Cosiso Inc. - 503
  • Dark Planet Comics - 1106
  • Dave's Comics - 714
  • Debbie Leather/That 70's Store - 1212
  • Desert Wind Enterprises - 815
  • Diane Pershing - CELEB 2
  • Dollman Collectables - 709
  • Dr. Hogan-Berry's Extraodinary Emporium of Genre Jewelry - 1112
  • Dumbo Lounge Sacks - 500
  • Dustin Milligan - CELEB 9
  • Ed Robertson Comics - 412
  • Elveen's Comics - 712
  • End Malaria Now - 1120
  • Evil Ted - COS16
  • Extra Life Los Angeles - 509
  • F.Y.E./Transworld Entertainment - 600
  • Failure 2 Loot - 314
  • Foster's Home 4 Toys - 1010
  • Full Moon Empire Inc - 1215
  • FVF Comics - 911
  • GeekFest Film Fest - 702
  • Geeks 4 Kourageous Kids - COS5
  • Gigi Edgley - CELEB 4
  • GoDaddyo's Comicbook Hideout - 607
  • Golden Apple - 803
  • Golden Frog Press - 323
  • Good News Comics - 207
  • Greg Berg - CELEB 3
  • Greg Yantz Disney Pins - 1227
  • Harley Yee Rare Comics - 808
  • Herb Jefferson Jr. - CELEB 6
  • Heritage Auctions - 809
  • Heroic Fine Art Gallery - 1031
  • HexComix - 1213
  • Hi De Ho Comics - 1220
  • Hobby Shop Ichiban - 424
  • Hollywood Sci Fi Museum - 706
  • I Am Retro & JesseJFR - 1118
  • I Had Those Toys - 403
  • J & L Collectibles - 209
  • Jamisin Matthews - CELEB 5
  • Jason Momoa - CELEB 1
  • Jay Company Comics - 514
  • Jessie Pridemore - COS12
  • Jitt Wolf Productions - 1218
  • John Wick Chapter 2 - 302
  • Jonathan Perkins - 213
  • Kids Can Cosplay - COS18
  • Kreativity Events - 215
  • Le Geek So Chic - COS2&COS3
  • Leelo Jewelry - 1124
  • Lego Users Group of Long Beach
  • Loganspop Comics - 708
  • Long Beach Public Library Kid's Area
  • Make Believe Stage Productions, LLC. - 902
  • Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club - 225
  • Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - 409
  • Megan Golden - COS14
  • Michael Golden - 300
  • Mike Collins & The Tiki Machine - 1009
  • Mike Kunkel & The Astonish Factory - 1108
  • Mircea Monroe - CELEB 8
  • modHero - 201
  • - 303
  • Myfavoritetshirt - 1126
  • National Cartoonists Society Los Angeles Chapter - 420
  • Nerd Mafia - COS9
  • Nerd Out App - 602
  • Nerds Like Us - COS15
  • NovaTees - 1221
  • Party Xtreme Laser Tag & Gaming
  • Patrick Scullin - 1219
  • Pen 2 Paper Entertainment - 1114
  • PINetration - 1214
  • PixelThat - 914
  • Pop! Comics - 414
  • Printed in Blood - 802
  • Printing Film Media - 703
  • PRISM Comics - 903
  • Raw Entertainment - 806
  • Rikishi - 603
  • Rocket Comics - 507
  • Saber Guild Temple Prime - 324
  • Sam and Bert's Comics - 508
  • Santa Monica Plastics LLC. - 401
  • Sara Moni Cosplay - COS10
  • - 906
  • Star Force Collectibles - 408
  • Stranger Comics - 1000
  • TeeCat
  • TeeTurtle - 400
  • The Dark Art Emporium - 1125
  • The Girl Scouts - 502
  • The LASIK Vision Institute - 1102
  • The Library Bards - Bonnie and Xander - COS13
  • The Marvel Report - COS4
  • The Rebel Legion-Sunrider Base - 320
  • The Sun News / Tee No Evil - 1002
  • The Wrestling Guy Store - 949
  • Tony Raiola Books - 608
  • Top Cow Productions - 700
  • Toy Arena - 1119
  • Toy Master Action Figures - 908
  • - 907
  • Toyz in The Box - 1113
  • Travis Hanson - 1007
  • Travis Wester - CELEB 7
  • Viciouskill - 1003
  • Wicked Skatewear - 422
  • Will Terry's 'Little' Art - 1025
  • Yay 4 Anime (P.I. Fry) - 1121

  • Our exhibitor floor is now accepting registration forms for 2017! Contact James Ross by clicking here.
    Artist Alley is the heart of Long Beach Comic Expo and we know it's why so many people come to comic cons. We are proud to have one of the largest Artist Alleys not only in California, but the entire U.S. With big name talent, indy talent, web comics talent, pencilers, inkers, colorists, letters and even writers there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

    We are now accepting Artist Alley applications for 2017. Contact James Ross by clicking here if you would like more info.
  • Cathleen Abalos - The Art of Cathleen Abalos - N4
  • Daniel Adoff - Art School Collective - T2
  • Janene Aksoy - The Armoured Rose - U5
  • Aaron Alexovich - T6
  • Karl Alstaeter - D6
  • Alison Altman - B9
  • Marie Ann - A Bit of Imagination - Q4
  • Geoff Ashley - FRONTIERS - A7
  • Courtney Baldwin - Decalzilla - T1
  • Melody Barbosa - U7
  • David Baron - P4
  • Rick Bas - RickBas Art - K8
  • Esau Bautista - The Art of M&E - D8
  • Jason Beckwith - Never Static Pictures - M5
  • Brett Bennett - Brett's Art World/ Akane's Chibi Art - J5
  • Pierre Bernard, Jr. - J6
  • Kevin Bieber - R4
  • Meghan Boehman - O6
  • Cyndy Bohonovsky - Dream Team Creatives, Inc. - P1
  • Bobby M. Breed - BREED - F8
  • Tony Brescini - U4
  • Rachael Briner - O6
  • Tu Bui - Art of Tu - C2
  • Mary Caldera - C3
  • Eric Canete - F2
  • Michelle Carrillo - N5
  • Jimmy Cheung - U1
  • Tiffany Chin - Lunchtime Friends - K1
  • David Clarke - Off Shoot Comics - A3
  • Alan Cordero - Enigmaddik Art - D4
  • Thomas Crowell - G3
  • Nichole Cubbage - Botti Vingelo - S8
  • Cameron Davis - F6
  • Sam De Jesus - M8
  • Walter De Leon - Q8
  • Richard Dent - Myopia - M1
  • Shannon Eric Denton - L10
  • Daniel DeSosa - Backward Burd Comics - T5
  • Victor DeTroy - Man vs. Rock - R4
  • Barbra Dillon - FanBase Press - I10
  • Nicholas Doan - Monster Elementary - G5
  • Alexandra Dubeau - Wee Bit O' Geek and Freak - I5
  • Steve Ellis - G1
  • Joey Esposito - T8
  • Crystal Farrar - Rumplestiltskin Studios - S2
  • Nikki Fedorowicz - O7
  • Rosa Felix - Crafty Felix - B7
  • Phillip Figueroa - Figuer Studio/DominoStormTrooper - Q6
  • Keith Foster - Kodoja - O1
  • Derek Fridolfs - I2
  • David Gallaher - G2
  • Agnes Garbowska - N1
  • Katie Garcia - I9
  • Jaime Gerber - The Madd Artist - Q2
  • Alyssa Gerwig - Walking Melons AAA - M6
  • Kevin Glover - Scary Tales Publishing - E9
  • Fred Gonzales - I9
  • Eddie Gonzalez - OddFun - A9
  • Luis Gonzalez - Bearcoffee and Bizarroville - K4
  • Veronika Gorchkova - The Painting Pigeon - E5
  • Keron Grant - A6
  • Tony Guaraldi-Brown - R5
  • Matt Haley - A5
  • Norm Harper - Karate Petshop - A10
  • Tony Harris - A1
  • John Hayward - Blood and Teeth - J2
  • Jamie Heim - Rude & Reckless - M7
  • Anthony Helmer - P5
  • Darin Henry - Sitcomics - B8
  • Francisco Herrera - H3
  • Shannon Hoage - F1
  • Tom Hodges - L6
  • Justin J. Kirkman - N3
  • Lesley Jensen - Fire Hazard - G8
  • Keith Jett - Keith Jett Productions - I6
  • Jason Johnson - R3
  • Michael Johnston - F5
  • Britania Jones - Art By Britania - M4
  • Justin Jones - TinBot Creative - J4
  • Tamara Jones - G10
  • Soren Kalla - T7
  • K.J. Kaminski - R3
  • Elly Karipides - C9
  • Chris Kawagiwa - U6
  • Kris Kenhasukjaren - Kehasuk - B3&B4
  • Barbara Randall Kesel - K3
  • Ryan Kincaid - L1
  • Jeff King - L7
  • D.J. Kirkbride - O8
  • Rosie Knight - F10
  • Suzanne Kobzeff - O7
  • Bill Kurtz - Yin Yang innovations - K7
  • Devin Eva Kurtz - TamberElla - D9
  • Jon Kurtz - K7
  • Krisztina Lazar - C8
  • Tiffany Le - Le Tea Leaf - D3
  • Mindy Lee - L3
  • Susan Lee - L2
  • Amanda Liguori - This Crafty Nerd - A8
  • Livesay - R2
  • Pamela Lovas - I3
  • Logan Lubera - E10
  • Sadie Luca - Sadie Luca - N7
  • David Lucarelli - E2
  • Jennifer Lundstrom - The Key Thief - U2
  • Robert Ly - E1
  • Calvin Macaraeg - Crochet Gifts By Cielo - L8
  • Mike Mano - Mike Mano Art - O3
  • Nick Marino - F10
  • Adrian Marquez - Trash Panda - U3
  • Mike Matola - H9
  • Michael Matsumoto - M3
  • Emmanuel McConnell - Kings Inspire Kings - E8
  • Cheral McGee - Tyrannical Practical Treasures - R1
  • Christian Mejia - P7
  • Sonya Messinger - GizmoForge - E3
  • Peach MoMoKo - T3
  • Jordan Monsell - Silhouettes by Jordan - N6
  • Brandon Montclare - D2
  • Steve Moore - Steve Moore's Art - U8
  • Noelle Moquin - GlassCatfish Art - L9
  • RJ Morel - M2
  • Sean Morgan - Sean Morgan Illustrations - B1
  • JoJo Mrgich - JoJo's So Creative - Q5
  • Todd Nauck - C5
  • Oscar Navarro - The Art of sketch - R7
  • Angel Kim Nguyen - Kimposed - I7
  • Emily Nguyen - J9
  • Cara Nilsen - Cara Nilsen Illustration - M2
  • Russell Nohelty - Wannabe Press - C10
  • Calvin Nye - CN Comics - J8
  • Ryan Odagawa - A4
  • Axel Ortiz - F2
  • Nathaniel Osollo - A2
  • Grace Park - F4
  • Geoff Pascual - Pascual Productions - H4&H5
  • Allen Passalaqua - P3
  • Holly Payne - Schneppzone - J3
  • J.P. Peer - M9
  • Byron Penaranda - P2
  • James Perry II - Orange Crows - S6
  • Leonardo Pertuzzatti - LEOZZTT - G7
  • Jennifer Polk - Lightning Bug - J8
  • Michelle Prebich - Bat in Your Belfry - O5
  • Timothy Prettyman - H10
  • Ryan Proulx - Ryans Acrylic Design - I8
  • Rachel Quintana - Mad Masks - I4
  • Fernando Ramirez - N3
  • Livio Ramondelli - J10
  • Glenn Rane - N2
  • Joe Ranoia - Vanth Creative - N9
  • Norm Rapmund - C4
  • Kayla Reckon - Idea3 Art/Just Dreaming Designs - O7
  • Christopher Reda - M8
  • Amy Reeder - D1
  • Sara Richard - C1
  • Mark Rivers - Dirty Kitchen Press - F7
  • Shelby Robertson - H6&H7
  • Dane G. Russ - F3
  • Zak Sabbath - R8
  • J Salvador - SuperEmoFriends - S7
  • Sigh Santoro - N8
  • Samantha Sawyer - S3&S4
  • Roselle Schafer - F9
  • Jon Schnepp - Schneppzone Inc - J3
  • Bob Schreck - K6
  • Aaron Schwartz - Central Comics - Q3
  • Armand Serrano - K2
  • Michael Serrano - J7
  • Blair Shedd - O4
  • Megan Siana - Girly Meets Geeky - A8
  • Lex Skotty - B9
  • Allison Solano - B1
  • Vanessa Solis - B5
  • Sean Stewart - DS Perler Prints - G9
  • Tshinza Stewart - Fantasy Threads - T4
  • Joey Stupor - P6
  • Herlina Sujatmiko - Floppy Ears - I1
  • Vincent Swayne - The Retro Mage Shop - S1
  • Allison Sweetland - C6
  • Andrew Tarusov - K5
  • Franco Te - B2
  • Amy Thach - E4
  • C.W. Thayer - Inland Blue Comics - K10
  • Frank Tieri - Q1
  • Bobby Timony - G4
  • Acacia Torres - Injured Dreams/Inchells - O2
  • Andrew Dat Tran - B6
  • Josh Trujillo - D7
  • Jimmy Tsai - K9
  • Andy Tune - Q7
  • Mai Van - Art of Mai Van - R6
  • Jake VanSchaik - C6
  • Gus Vazquez - B10
  • Lisa Voorhees - MIshelle's Menagesie - G6
  • Dave Wagner - R2
  • Lee Wagner - L3
  • Tim Wahl - Heavne's Wars - J1
  • Mark Waid - D10
  • Don Walker - E2
  • Rachel Walker - Edge of the World-the Art of Rachel Walker - C7
  • Paige Halsey Warren - S5
  • Christopher Wilson - Art Ninjas - L4
  • Clint Wolf - N10
  • Dawn Wolf - N10
  • Richie Wu - L5
  • Felix Yin - The Sketchy Bug Group - H8
  • Julie Yip - Blue Box Imaginarium - D5
  • Mike Zeck - E6&E7
  • Josh Zingerman - B5
    The Long Beach Comic Expo is a two-day event held February 18th & 19th at the Long Beach Convention Center. Tickets are available using the BUY TICKETS button on this site, or at your local comic book shop. Additional details about the event can be found on the FAQ page or by emailing Customer Service.

    What is Long Beach Comic Expo?
    Long Beach Comic Expo is an annual event held at the Long Beach Convention Center each spring. It's a celebration of comic books and pop culture that showcases the exceptional works of talented writers, artists, illustrators and creators of all types of pop culture. At Long Beach Comic Expo you'll find exhibitors promoting and selling all types of related products, as well as entertaining and educational programs, guest signings and meet & greet sessions with celebrities. For more specific information about the show, please check out the FAQ. Long Beach Comic Expo is a MAD Event Management, LLC production.

    The Long Beach Comic Expo Team

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    Executive Director

    Jeremy Atkins
    Public Relations Director

    Kris Longo
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    Carly Marsh
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    Programming Director

    Arlene So
    Creative Director

    RuthAnn Thompson
    Assistant Programming Coordinator

    Caterina Toscano
    Social Media Manager

    MAD Event Management
    If you are interested in exhibit space, retail booths or Artist Alley tables at Long Beach Comic Expo, please download the appropriate form and complete it - we'd rather you sent it in via email, but if you want to fax your completed form, you can send it to 845-787-2499. Have security concerns when using your credit card for payment? We also have a secure online exhibitor registration site that you can use our website by clicking here. If you have any questions, you can contact us:

    Martha Donato - Executive Director
    James Ross - Sales Manager
    We have easy access to the show floor for move-in and move-out at both shows. The Long Beach Convention Center is a great facility to work with!

    Are you interested in helping us promote Long Beach Comic Expo? We can offer you free tickets to the show to use for promotions. We can also offer reciprocal banner ads. Contact Martha set it up.

    Martha Donato - Executive Director

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    2017 Exhibitor Kit
    Exhibitors, Small Press, Dealers, Fan Groups & Artist Alley: Check back in winter 2017.

    2017 Electrical Form
    To download an Edlen eletrical form Check back in winter 2017.

    2017 Show Floor Map
    For the Show Floor Map Check back in winter 2017.

    For the Panel Room Map click here.

    2017 Exhibitor Registration Forms
    EXHIBITORS: Download a registration form here!
    RETAILERS: Download a registration form here!
    ARTISTS: Download a registration form here!
    COSPLAY CORNER: Download a registration form here!

    2017 Professional Registration
    PROFESSIONALS: Click here to register as a professional!

    Long Beach Comic Expo 2017 - February 18th & 19th, 2017
    Show Hours:
    Saturday February 18 - 10:00am - 7:00pm (9:30am for Advanced Ticket Holders!)
    Sunday February 19 - 10:30am - 5:00pm (10:00am for Advanced Ticket Holders!)

    Panel Rooms

    All programming rooms have limited capacity as set by the Long Beach Fire Marshal and subject to available seating. Although your LBCE badge is required for entry into all events, it doesn't guarantee you access to any programming session if it has reached its capacity, subject to the discretion of Long Beach Convention Center and Long Beach Comic Expo staff members. We don't clear our programming rooms between sessions.


    Long Beach Comic Expo believes in creating an environment where every attendee, exhibitor and staff member is treated with respect and dignity, and does not tolerate any act of bullying or harassment. If an attendee of any type is believed to be in violation of our rules, they will be asked to leave immediately without reimbursement of any kind. Long Beach Comic Expo employs professional security guards who enforce our rules and regulations, as do our staff members. Volunteers are NOT staff members and are assisting us in exchange for certain reimbursement and experiential value. Please report any serious incidents or concerns to a Long Beach Comic Expo Staff Member, as identified by their badge.


    We have a strict policy of checking weapons to ensure that they are only props. The security guards at the entrance will check yours and place a band on it to show that it's been approved. The responsibility to get this weapons check performed is yours, so please don't sneak in without it. We reserve the right to deny access to anyone who presents a public safety or security issue in our sole discretion.

    The following items are forbidden at LBCE:
    • All firearms (including air soft guns, BB guns, cap guns, paintball guns and pellet guns)
    • Replica firearms (including reproduction, fake or toy guns that can be confused for real firearms)
    • Projectile weapons (including blow guns, crossbows, long bows, slingshots and water guns)
    • Metal-bladed weapons (including axes, daggers, hatches, knives, kunai, shuriken, swords, sword canes and switch blades)
    • Explosives (including firecrackers and fireworks)
    • Mace and pepper spray
    • Blunt weapons (including brass knuckles, clubs and nunchaku)
    • Hard prop weapons (including props made of metal, fiberglass and glass)
    We allow prop weapons if they are composed of foam or cardboard only. Prop firearms are allowed only if they cannot be mistaken for real weapons. The barrel of all prop firearms must be covered with brightly-colored caps. We allow prop bows if all arrows have soft tips.
    Long Beach Comic Con is proud to announce the commencement of the Second Annual Dwayne McDuffie Award. This one of a kind award will be granted on February 18, 2017 to an American comics work, published in print or digitally in 2015, deemed by the Selection Committee to promote diversity. In the spirit of Dwayne McDuffie, "promoting diversity" can be judged as either broadening the range of characters portrayed in comics, or adding to the variety of creators contributing to the medium.

    For more information and to submit your application click here.

    The deadline for completed submissions is December 31, 2016.
    When is the convention?
    Long Beach Comic Expo is being held on Saturday, February 18 and Sunday, February 19, 2017. Show hours are: Saturday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm (9:00am for Advanced Ticket Holders!) | Sunday 10:30 am - 5:00 pm (10:00am for Advanced Ticket Holders!).

    How much are tickets?
    Prices for the show will be $30 ($35 at the door) for a Saturday only ticket; $25 ($30 at the door) for a Sunday only ticket and $45 for a weekend ticket. Children age 10 and under are admitted for free with an adult admission (limit of 2 per adult please). Senior citizen (65 & older), military, police & fire fighter discounts are available (use code MilitaryLawEnforcement or SeniorCitizen). Tickets are available at the door but will be priced higher.

    I bought my ticket online or at a comic book shop, what time can I arrive to pick up my ticket?
    Advance ticket sales will open at 8:00 am on Saturday, February 18 and 8:30 am on Sunday, Febraury 19. Walk up tickets WILL NOT be available for sale until 9:30 am.

    Can I buy tickets on-site?
    Yes, you can buy tickets at your local comic book shop, on our website or at the door. Day-of ticket sales at the door will open at 9:30 am both days. Ticket pick-up & on-site sales are in the Lobby!

    I am a Professional interested in attending the show. What do I need to do?
    Long Beach Comic Expo is pleased to offer credentialed, published industry professionals, and those in the related industries of film, television, animation, guilds, gaming, etc. complimentary admission to the Expo.
    To register use our secure site by clicking here.
    We welcome Professionals who register after the deadline, but please note we will charge a $20 fee. Once you've registered online, please remember to bring samples of your work and/or a business card to the show. We do not offer a guest option - badges are for professionals only.

    Where do I pick up my badge? What about pre-registration?
    There will be a clearly-marked booth in the Lobby of the Convention Center for walk-ins. Pre-registrants will take their barcode scan copies or use their smart phones at the Advance Ticket Registration Area. It's that easy!

    Do I have to wear it at all times?
    Even if it wasn't a stunning accessory that the Sex In The City gals would pay hundreds of dollars for, yes - you need to wear it inside the hall at all times, or we may think you are some sort of undesirable who snuck in and we will be forced to ask you to leave.

    I want to dress my dog up as my sidekick and bring him. Can I?
    Sorry, no pets, except for registered service animals.

    Can I take pictures?
    Generally, you can take photographs at Long Beach Comic Expo of the conventioneers and exhibits. Please respect the privacy and ask before taking a picture of a celebrity, as some of them charge for their photo and autograph.

    Where can I park and how do I get there?
    There are parking lots located at the Long Beach Convention Center and all around the area that are privately owned. The prices vary, but expect to pay $10 per day. Note: the Convention Center parking lot only accepts cash. Directions are available on the Long Beach Convention Center website: or use 300 E. Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802 in your GPS for directions.

    Where are the ATM machines?
    Cash machines are located in the main lobby, and in the Aquarium entrance.

    Where is Lost & Found located?
    Lost & Found is located in the main lobby at the Registration Booth.

    Do I have to pay extra to get autographs?
    Some guests charge for their autographs, and some don't. Please ask first.

    I really need to take this call, it's my agent...
    Then really, take it outside. Please be courteous and no cell phone usage when you are at panels, events or in programming rooms.

    To complete my costume, I carry a large battle-axe that I hone to razor sharpness every day. It's cool for me to bring that, right?
    Ummm, seriously? Props are one thing, but anything that could take an eye out, could hurt someone, or make the cops (or my mother) take it away from you, is not allowed.

    I need to blog frequently... is there wi-fi?
    Long Beach Convention Center (LBCC - hey, those are OUR initials, too!) does offer wi-fi service on the promenade level for a small fee. Launch your browser and you'll reach their homepage.

    Who are the mysterious people behind the curtain of the Long Beach Comic Expo?
    The LBCE team is comprised of people who celebrate what they love. They put in countless hours to create the best experience they can for fans, guests and exhibitors alike.

    Long Beach Comic Expo - February 18th & 19th, 2017!
    Saturday hours: 10:00am-7:00pm (9:30am for Advanced Ticket Holders!)| Sunday hours: 10:30am-5:00pm (10:00am for Advanced Ticket Holders!)

    We offer discounts to senior citizens (65 & older) and members of law enforcement and military - use promotional code MilitaryLawenforcement or SeniorCitizenDiscount when you purchase your ticket below. You will be asked to show proof of status when you arrive at the event to pick up your tickets.

    Long Beach Comic Con - September 17th & 18th, 2016!
    Saturday hours: 10:00am-7:00pm (9:30am for Advanced Ticket Holders!) | Sunday hours: 10:30am-5:00pm (10:00am for Advanced Ticket Holders!)
    Click here for Long Beach Comic Con this September 17th & 18th!

    New Jersey Comic Expo - November 20th & 21st, 2016!
    Saturday hours: 10:00am-7:00pm (9:30am for Advanced Ticket Holders!) | Sunday hours: 10:00am-5:00pm (9:30am for Advanced Ticket Holders!)
    Click here for New Jersey Comic Expo this November 20th & 21st!
    Photo Ops
    Take your photo with our Celebrity Guests!

    Our professional photographers will be on hand to capture that special moment in our designated photo op room. Each photo op includes one 8 x 10 printed photo. You can bring up to 3 friends and share the cost of a photo op and get additional prints and/or JPEGs too for only $10. Photo Op services are provided by Epic Photo Ops. For a list of all available photo ops click here. Check back often for new additions.

    General Photo Op FAQ
    • Photo Op Pre-sales will be available online until Wednesday, February 15th at midnight
    • Photo Ops sales onsite will be Cash Only
    • Please show up for your photo op 15 minutes prior to the scheduled photo op time
    • Lining up for your photo op more than an hour in advance of the scheduled photo op time will not be allowed
    • Your 8x10 printed photo will be ready within a couple minutes of your photo op being taken, so be sure to pick it up before leaving the photo op area or before the show closes at 5pm on Sunday February 19st.
    • For support issues regarding photo ops, please email
    Check back here for updates to our guest list, artist alley, convention exclusives, programming updates and more!
    Added January 24th
    Brandon MontclareLong Beach Comic Expo Guest
    Brandon Montclare
    Creator of Lunella Lafayette from Marvel's Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur. He also created Rocket Girl. He worked on titles including All Star Superman, Batman Year 100, Sweet Tooth, Daytripper, and Hellblazer. Table D2
    Added January 24th
    Livia ChiuLong Beach Comic Expo Guest
    Livia Chiu
    Her cosplay costumes have been in publications such as Cosmode magazine, iCosplay magazine, Kotaku, CNN best of Comic Con, Buzzfeed's 4-part cosplay series, and in two books on cosplay in America.
    Added January 24th
    Jon SchneppLong Beach Comic Expo Guest
    Jon Schnepp
    Jon hosts and appears on several popular talk shows on YouTube. Schnepp was recently announced as the writer for the Slayer/ Dark Horse Comics three issue mini-series. AA Table J3!
    Added January 24th
    Holly PayneLong Beach Comic Expo Guest
    Holly Payne
    Holly co-produced the acclaimed documentary, The Death of Superman Lives, What Happened? with Jon Schnepp. Payne and Schnepp are now in development on a docu-series for CCI HQ. Table J3!
    Added January 24th
    Peach MoMoKoLong Beach Comic Expo Guest
    Peach MoMoKo
    Known in the underground scene in Japan, her art is themed around war and the female adolescence. She has recently started making comics and winning awards for her inking skills. AA table T3!



    Show Floor
    For the Show Floor Map Check back in winter 2017.
    For the Panel Room Map click here.

    For a handy printable programming schedule Check back in winter 2017.

    Hyatt Regency Long Beach
    200 South Pine Avenue
    Long Beach, California, 90802
    Tel: 1-562-491-1234
    Fax: 1-562-983-1491

    Hyatt Regency Long Beach Hotel
    Treat yourself to the premier setting of Hyatt Regency Long Beach. Only steps from major attractions, shops and entertainment, our luxurious hotel in Long Beach lets you easily explore the entire area. Easy access to the Aquarium and Queen Mary, stroll along the harbor, play on the beach or take in a performance at the Convention and Entertainment Center right next door.

    With famous theme parks just a short drive from our Long Beach hotel, even the busiest business traveler can share some of the fun. Within our inviting accommodations, enjoy deluxe guestrooms, exciting new dining, extensive business amenities and the world-class service that have made us the standout hotel in Long Beach. Please contact the hotel directly and mention you are there for Long Beach Comic Expo to receive the special convention rate for a regular room.

    For your convenience, we have arranged for a discounted group rate of $189 single/double (plus applicable taxes and fees). All guests are invited to secure their accommodations online or by phone.

    Rates will remain in effect until January 26, 2017. However, please note that the discounted group block is subject to availability and is not guaranteed. Rooms are available on a first come first served basis, so be sure to book your room early!

    Book Your Room Today!
    Online: Click here
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    Located in the heart of downtown Long Beach, the Center is within walking distance to first-class accommodations (more than 5,000 rooms citywide, most within the downtown area), shopping, dining, attractions, sightseeing along picturesque bays and 5 1/2 miles of sandy beach.

    The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center is a spectacular multi-purpose complex - one of the few waterfront facilities nationwide, featuring more than 400,000 square feet of flexible exhibit and meeting space, two theaters, an arena and 34 meeting rooms. The glass concourse and lobby offer expansive views of the scenic harbor and downtown skyline. A pedestrian promenade links hotels, shops, restaurants and attractions with the Pacific Ocean.

    About Long Beach Comic Expo:
    Long Beach Comic Expo is an annual event held at the Long Beach Convention Center every spring. It's a celebration of comic books and pop culture that showcases the exceptional works of talented writers, artists, illustrators and creators of all types of pop culture. At Long Beach Comic Expo you'll find exhibitors promoting and selling all types of related products, as well as entertaining and educational programs, guest signings, and meet & greet sessions with celebrities. Long Beach Comic Expo is a production of MAD Event Management, LLC. Visit for additional information.

    Press Pass Requests:
    Long Beach Comic Expo welcomes all members of the press to this year's event. We are happy to provide approved reporters with a complimentary press badge. Please check back soon

    Click Here for the Press Credentials Form.

    Once we have your info we will reply as soon as possible with a confirmation and further instruction.

    Please note:
    • Your press badge will grant you access to the show floor from 10am to 7pm, Saturday, February 18th and 10:00am to 5pm Sunday, Feburary 21st and seating in panels, space permitting.
    • Your press badge does not allow you to skip lines.
    Our priority is to provide a safe and inviting atmosphere for attendees, press, vendors and guests alike, so please conduct yourself professionally at all times and announce yourself as a press representative (naming your outlet) when approaching vendors, guests and attendees. Be courteous and ask permission before shooting pictures of vendors, attendees (including cosplayers), and guests (who may be charging for pictures). We want everyone to be happy, so your cooperation is a big part of that.

    If you have any questions please contact Paul Nicholasi

    Media Contact:
    Jeremy Atkins
    Please send interview requests for convention guests and Martha Donato, the Executive Director of Long Beach Comic Expo, to

    About MAD Event Management:
    MAD Event Management is an all-purpose event planning facilitator whose principal owner has over 15 years of experience producing annual large-scale consumer conventions around the country, including Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Dallas. MAD's capabilities include: Site Selection, Exhibit Staffing, Marketing Plans, Vendor Selection, Floor Plan Development, On-Site Execution, Sponsor Exhibitor Sales, Travel Management, Contract Development, Setup & Disassembly and Contract Coordination. Visit for additional information.
    See what people are saying about our shows...

    "The Long Beach Comic Expo has truly outdone itself this year. One of the main reasons I go to cons is for the cosplayers. I love to bring my kids and have them experience the excitement of meeting cosplayers up close. It brings the comics to life and they get such a kick out of it. This year, you guys brought a lot of my favorite cosplayers like Ivydoomkitty, Vegas PG Cosplay, Bernadette Bentley, Nicole Marie Jean, and Soni Arlynn. I am a Long Beach resident, so it's even better because I won't have far to travel. I just want to express that I appreciate this con more than ever. You and your staff are a huge reason for that." - Richard Dillard

    "Long Beach Comic Con treated the pros and the fans to a real treat. I especially enjoyed the relaxed surroundings and actually got to spend some time with some real special people as well. This is the kind of show we will keep coming back to year after year. congrats to everyone that made it happen."
    - Jimmy Palmiotti

    "Long Beach Comic Con has such a great feel for a Southern California show! Really well run and brings in an awesome crowd of fans. Thanks to the hard work of Mike Scigliano and the gang, I'll definitely be going back again and again."
    - Mike Kunkel

    "I had the opportunity this last weekend to walk the Long Beach Comic Con. The past 3 years I have attended as a budding young (well old) artist and enjoyed my time in the Artist Alley. From the veteran creators of the comic industry to the new faces looking to tell their own stories, there is an overall drive of creativity, energy and passion for the comic medium. The diversity of styles, content, ages and viewpoints just show how much people love comics."
    - Chris Waterman for Bleeding

    "Intimate enough to mingle with the artists, yet big enough to inspire awe.... the LB Comic Con started something that will hopefully continue to grow and inspire year after year!"
    - Jim Lujan

    "A Comic Book Convention with more comic books on the vendor floor than anything else! How refreshing! I loved that I could speak with comic book artists without feeling overwhelmed by humongous crowds."
    - Rachel Bieber, City of Torrance Reference Librarian

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